• PoolSwimming Pool Lining, refurbishment & new build
  • Flume LiningPASLAM lining eliminates troublesome & uneven joints
  • Pool LiningSwimming Pool Lining, refurbishment & new build

Leaders in Water Barrier Technology

Poly Advisory Ltd are specialists in epoxy membrane linings for swimming pools, flumes, rapid rides, and industrial applications. We can apply our lining to either refurbish existing pools or new build pools.

To complement our lining system we have developed the PAS Channel Easyflow Drainage System and a range of HDPE plastic engineered products ideal for wet areas

We manufacture our products to suit all applications including domestic, leisure, small and large industrial facilities.


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Swimming Pool Lining/Refurbishment

PASLam Pool Lining System

The PASLAM lining system is an epoxy impervious continuous membrane that adheres to the surface to be lined, has no joints and has the ability to move with thermal expansion

  • No project too small
  • Refurbish or alter existing pools
  • New build pools

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Flume Lining/Refurbishment

PASLam Flume Lining

Ideal for flumes, water slides and rapid rides, our unique PASLAM permanent lining system is a complete waterproof membrane which:

  • Eliminates troublesome and and uneven joints
  • Eliminates the need for slide mats
  • Speeds up the ride and slide surfaces

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PASLam Industrial Lining

Developed to endure thermal shock and resist chemical reactions, PASLAM is used throughout a wide range of industries from agricultural, aircraft to food processing.

PASLAM can be applied to most surfaces including: concrete, tile, glassfibre and steel.

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Poly Easyflo Drainage

PAS Channel Easyflow Drainage

A complete drainage solution for all applications, including domestic, leisure, small and large industrial facilities

Our drainage channels are produced from GRP using vacuum infusion and include a HDPE drainage grill and fittings to fit most applications.

  • Channels, Gullies
  • Traps
  • Retaining Angles
  • Manholes

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Plastic Engineering

HDPE Plastic Engineered Products

Produced using CNC routers from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) our range includes:

  • Grates & grills
  • Poolside furniture
  • Ramps
  • Steps
  • Barriers
  • Boom/Pool Dividers

in fact we can manufacture almost anything!

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PASBead Flooring System

PASBead Flooring is an attractive, hard wearing and decorative flooring system made up of colour stable quartz granules encapsulated in a clear resin.

Available in a range of colours, the system is an alternative to conventional tiles and provides an excellent non-slip, UV stable and durable floor finish suited to virtually any environment in need of performance industrial flooring.

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Resin Systems

HDPE Plastic Engineered Products

Our specially developed PASBOND two-pack epoxy resin is for use during standard sand and cement rendering or screeding operations for added security.

  • Wide selection of colours
  • Supplied in a kit form ready for use on site
  • High strength bonding and filling
  • Concrete Repair Packs
  • Stronger bond than the initial materials

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