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Poly Dual - Dual Function Channel

The Poly Dual Function Pool Channel enables separation of the drainage water and the deck level pool re-circulation water in one clean and simple channel profile.

New legislation dictates that new build swimming pools must have two separate drainage gullies; one for the pool circulation water and one for the pool surround surface water drainage to prevent cross contamination into the swimming pool. Poly Advisory have developed a double drainage gully to add to our existing range of GRP drainage products as a solution to this legislation. This saves on costs, as a second drainage channel is not required and the pool surround walkway can be screeded with continuous falls.

The one-piece section enables installation of both gullies at the same time. The gully is produced using the latest resin infusion GRP techniques to produce a rigid, gloss finish which is completely chemical resistant. Gully sections are joined using a specialist adhesive to ensure that the complete system is leak free. Additionally, all pipework connections are available to suit the installation including foul traps on the waste water drainage channel if required.

The standard colour for the gully is white but is available in a range of colours to suit the client's needs.

The double gully system is completed with HOPE grilles which drop into the gully section to create an interference fit. This, along with the gloss surface of the gullies, means the system is easy to clean and maintain.

There is a range of different grill styles, all of which have patterns machined into the surface to prevent water tracking across the grill surface into the incorrect channel.

Section of typical installation

PASDual Section PASDual Parts

Description of parts shown on diagram

NOTE: The diagram (above) is for the purpose of showing individual components in one environment. This neither suggests nor represents a typical installation.

  1. Standard straight gully section - Supplied in lengths up to 2 metres
  2. In-line drainage trap section - Supplied with foul trap and sieve.
  3. Gully corner section (90°) - Available as 45° or 90° to fit all gully sections
  4. Single Piece Gully corner grille (90°) - Available to fit all gully sections and corners.
  5. Gully curve section (45°) - Creates smooth corners and shapes.
  6. Gully corner section (45°) - Available as 90° or 45° to fit all gully sections.
  7. Individual gully grilles - Can be supplied in different colours to create patterned effect or to suit environment and corporate branding.
  8. In-line re-circulation trap section - Supplied with foul trap and sieve.
  9. Single piece gully grille (straight) - Available in a variety of colours and finishes.
  10. Gully corner section (90°) - Available as 45° or 90° to fit all gully sections.


Dimensional Data

PASDual Parts

Key Benefits

  • Corrosion free
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • One peice section
  • Install both gullies at the same time.


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