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Poly Profile

The Poly Composite Retaining Angle - All the advantages of plastic alternatives, non of the disadvantages of plastic alternatives.

Poly advisory developed the pas composite retaining angle having spent many years modifying and fixing leaking pools caused by the use of HDPE angles.

Section of typical installation

PASProfile Section

Five simple steps to a clean and water-tight installation

Step 1

Profile and cross rails are bonded or bolted together at desired width to suit channel and grille. Cross rails can be spaced at varying distances depending on application and stability of substrate

Step 2

Assembled profile is set in place by bonding or bolting in to substrate.

Step 3

Screed is poured on to substrate, setting profile in place.

Step 4

Tiles are laid on to screed up to edge of profile creating a seamless and smooth transition.

Step 5

Bolted cross rails are removed to leave completely open gully. Plastic grill is then dropped into profile, giving the look and advantages of a plastic channel but without the need for a full channel installation.

Key Benefits

  • Rigid T-Section profile for easy setting out, levelling and installation
  • Available in lengths of up to 6 metres
  • Flexible width to suit any drainage grill
  • Completely corrosion-free and chemical-resistant
  • Minimal thermal expansion/contraction ensures impeccable fit and finish
  • Compatible with adhesives to ensure watertight seal


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