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PASBOND Resin Systems

Our specially developed PASBOND two-pack epoxy resin is for use during standard sand and cement rendering or screeding operations for added security.

The two-pack epoxy resin is mixed and applied to the surface prior to the mix to achieve 100% adhesion, this allows the mix to be applied at minimal thicknesses.

As the resin is a two-pack system it cures beneath the render or screed, bonding the surfaces and giving it added strength in itself.

PASBOND Resin System

The PASBOND Resin System is available for a wide range of applications, call us on 0115 989 4167

Cost Effective Resin System

We manufacture our own products allowing us to offer the customer a cost effective resin solution.

Our wide range of products have been developed over the last forty years using the experience gained in their application throughout industry and leisure applications.

  • Available in a wide selection of colours
  • Resin System supplied in a kit form ready for use on site
  • Hardener can be added straight into a bucket of resin


PASBOND Resin Systems include:

  • Slip Resistant, Epoxy Resin Coatings, High Build Toppings
  • Concrete Repair Packs
  • Epoxy & Polyurethane and Cement based Polymer Screeds
  • Epoxy Resin Structural Repair Packs

Call a member of our team on 0115 989 4167 or email us to discuss your requirements

Epoxy Resin Structural Repair Packs

This system can be used for filling and bonding structural cracks.

  • Two-pack epoxy resin incorporated with ceramic fillers
  • High strength bonding and filling
  • Stronger bond than the initial materials
  • Available with Carbon Fibre/Kevlar reinforcement


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PASBOND Security Resin