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Epoxy Resin Structural Repairs

Epoxy Repair Packs

This system can be used for filling and bonding structural cracks.

Two-pack epoxy resin incorporated with ceramic fillers generate high strength bonding and filling to all substrates, this mix is injected into the cracks filling the void and bonding the two surfaces together.

The bond achieved is, in most cases, stronger than the initial materials.

This easy to apply system can be purchased directly from us, Call us on 0115 989 4167 or email us for further details.

Substantial Repairs

For more substantial repairs, Poly Advisory carry out repairs using a range of Carbon Fibre and Kevlar reinforcements, combined with two-pack epoxy resin to achieve amazing results.

An example of this is repairs carried out to structural pillars..
Any cracks are filled using our epoxy repair packs.

The pillar is then reinforced using kevlar which is impregnated with two-pack epoxy resin using a specialist vacuum-bagging technique, which ensures all air is removed during the process, providing maximum bond and stuctural strength.

Call us on 0115 989 4167 or email us for further details.

The example below...

shows how the resin along with a woven cloth material has been applied to a chemical tank, giving it a renewed strength as well a sealed lining.

Epoxy resin reinforced tank