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Flume Lining

Ideal for flumes, water slides and rapid rides, our unique PASLAM permanent lining system is a complete waterproof membrane which:

  • Eliminates troublesome and and uneven joints
  • Eliminates the need for slide mats
  • Speeds up the ride and slide surfaces

Using the same methods as the swimming pool lining we are able to provide an excellent finish to flumes and water slides that have either come to the end of their lifespan or are failing due to poor condition.

Due to its unique system, the finished membrane will expand and contract with the thermal rigours dealt out during every day use, this helps to keep the feature running and in turn keeping your clients happy.

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Examples of flume lining


Research has shown that a product that works well and looks fantastic, will attract customers.

Create the 'WOW' factor by adding artwork, ensure your customers return again and again.

We provide a service for the asthetic look of the pool or flume finish.

This process is carried out using coloured acrylic paints, from artwork created using computer generated stencils or totally freehand by our own artist.

The type of design is limitless and only your imagination is the boundary for what is possible when it comes to the finished artwork, we can provide ideas for artwork, or can work from your own or existing designs.

Artistic Flumes

Case Study

Refurbishment of the White Oak Leisure Park, Swanley

Five days before we were due to commence work on a minor repair program, storm damage dramatically increased the repair operations on the Whale Whirler tyre ride...

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