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Swimming Pool Lining/Refurbishment

Poly Advisory developed the PASLAM lining system over forty years ago and we have been successfully lining swimming pools with our system ever since, countinually developing to meet the requirements of the leisure pool industry.

The PASLAM lining can be applied to concrete, tiled, fibreglass or even steel pools as a continuous lining membrane.

The use of PASLAM results in a complete membrane throughout the internal area of the swimming pool tank without any joints which will operate for many years with no maintenance at all.

The PASLAM membrane carries a 5 year warranty against delamination or leakage.

Our PASLAM pool lining combined with our PASBEAD flooring, drainage and plastic engineered products, means we can offer a complete service for your pool, regardless of size or shape, whether it a new build or refurbishment of an existing pool.

Please contact us for any further information or to arrange a site visit.

Examples of PASLAM Pool Lining

It's a Fact...

Big or small, new or existing, we pride ourselves with being able to provide a solution for every situation.

  • No project too big - the Paslam lining can be used for projects of any size.
  • Alter existing or new build - We offer a complete service for refurbishing or altering existing pools
  • Wow factor - we can add artwork that creates a product that works well and looks fantastic


Case Study - Peterborough Lido

Peterborough Lido, two outdoor pools, one 50 metre one 20 metre, for the last twenty years they have both required painting every year and have been a continual problem and expense for the council.

A range of problems existed with the pools, massive expansion joint problems...

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