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False Floors

False floors can be fitted to any swimming pool to reduce the depth across the complete pool or just the deep end. Existing sumps are retained and the slot pattern is designed to ensure flow is retained beneath the floor.

The framework is constructed using a mixture of High density Polyethylene and Pultrusion fibreglass beams, these are all fixed using A4 (316) stainless steel fixings and resin anchors to ensure the tank remains watertight and all materials are completely corrosion free.

The floor panels are machined with anti-slip hatching and all surface fixings are concealed.

These floors are widely used in hotel swimming pools to reduce the depth and eliminate the need for a lifeguard, reducing running costs.

Flooring panels can be supplied in a range of colours and with artwork or pool marks to suit the use of the pool.

These raised flooring systems can also be manufactured to work with curved or freeform swimming pool designs.

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  • Minimal shutdown period - a false floor can be installed within a week
  • All floor panels have anti-slip hatching on the surface and regulation 8mm slots machined across the floor to retain the swimming pool's existing circulation without the need for any modification.