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To complement our flooring range, Poly Advisory Ltd have been making manhole lids and frames out of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) PE500 for many years, however tiling to this material can be a problem due to a lack of adhesion.

As the cosmetics of these manholes is becoming more critical in all locations Poly Advisory have developed a solution which satisfies both briefs.

The result is PAS Access a composite, lightweight, resin-infused glass fibre manhole lid and frame that gives easy access with no corrosion. It also benefits from a surface finish which can be both tiled or finished with one of Poly Advisory’s own resin quartz bead non-slip flooring systems.

These manhole lids can also be made in fire resistant materials if necessary.

The approximate weight of a typical manhole lid is 12kg, meaning it can be lifted with a minimum of personnel, equipment and training.

The design can also be manufactured in bespoke sizes to the customers’ requirements.

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Bespoke plastic manholes