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About Poly Advisory Ltd

Poly Advisory Ltd was founded in 1971 as a consultancy that would advise the relatively new plastics industry.

Fibre glass reinforced based laminates were developed that could endure thermal shock and would also resist chemical reactions, the PASlam lining was formulated and successfully installed in the aircraft and food processing industries, where it received performance endorsements.

This success encouraged the further development of PASlam and the first installation of the lining in a swimming pool was inevitable.

Since that first installation, we have successfully installed our PASlam lining system in over seven hundred swimming pools throughout the United Kingdom.

Poly Advisory have also innovated the PASbead non-slip floor surface, which is an ideal medium for achieving secure surfaces in wet situations in either swimming pools or industry.

Using methods we innovated in producing carbon fibre products, we developed the PAS Drainage Easyflow corrosion free drainage system. The PAS Drainage range of gullies, channels, manholes and accessories are manufactured from the highest quality GRP materials using the latest resin infusion techniques.

To compliment our lining and drainage systems we developed our range of PAS Plastic products. Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) PE500, products includes grates, grills, poolside furniture, ramps, manhole covers, steps, barriers and pool dividing booms amongst an ever expanding and diverse range.

With over 40 years of experience in both leisure and industry we remain focused on product innovation.
We can deal efficiently with any problems cost effectively, our name has become synonymous with water barrier technology and we have grown by recommendation and reputation as much as by our friendly approach to customer enquires.


Our lining systems and products have been installed in locations throughout the UK

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Not just pools...

In 1989 our experience in lamination led us to diversify with a successful range of carbon fibre motorcycle products, used by both road motorcyclists and race teams throughout the world under the brand of The World of QB Carbon.

Sold in 2004 to members of the workforce, it remains a successful concern producing parts for all the major motorcycle brands.

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